Project Proposal

Week 4 // Temporary Expert


Concept Mapping

Last week I took all my research, ideas, misconceptions, reservations and filtered them through this concept map. It really helped me focus my intent.


I began my process with an idea to reflect on the phenomenon of identity (the absence of it, the one that is in flux and the process of possibly forming a new one) in the journeys of Climate Migrants. Through more research I began to discover that not all migrants are left with a loss of National Identity – some migrate within their country. Different environments + socioeconomic conditions bring about different behaviors in migration.

Between debating about the legal definitions and trying to understand the different migration patterns of multiple populations, I found an underlying basic need – The desire to belong.

What does ‘belonging‘ mean in the context of Climate Induced Migration?
Climate migrants are subjected to extreme conditions that force them to migrate to another place. While certain communities and/or their governments are able to support this migration, others can only afford to have just one person from the family migrate. Sometimes they are just too scared to move, despite their hardships.

For those who move, they struggle to find their place within a new social (and geographical) construct. For those that stay, they long for their loved ones that moved away and often stay back only to be where they think they belong.


Project Proposal

I want to explore this state of ‘disillusionment of belonging’ in the search of one’s identity through the sense of touch. To express this, I propose the installation of a glove that the user can put their had into – which responds paradoxically to what one touches and what they feel. When one touches soil with the glove, it feels like water; when they touch water, it feels like sand – to create a certain discomfort.

The active involvement of sense of touch, seeks to create empathy for climate migrants. I decided to use soil, water and sand as the objects of tactile illusion to highlight the impact of global warming and climate change.

The idea is a collection of inferences, and possibly some assumptions I might have made about the emotional states of climate migrants – based on my research and interviews. While I am looking for first hand accounts of those who have moved because climate change, I am curious to know if my inferences are valid enough to realize this project?

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