Climate Refugee

Week 1 // Temporary Expert

Research Topic – Climate Refugees

Climate Refugees are people who leave their homes and communities because of the effects of climate change and global warming. The most threatening potential causes of migrations caused by Climate Change are:

– The increase in the strength of tropical hurricanes and the frequency of heavy rains and flooding, due to the rise in evaporation with increased temperatures.

– The growth in the number of droughts, with evaporation contributing to a decrease in soil humidity, often associated with food shortages.

– The increase in sea levels resulting from both water expansion and melting ice.

Migration is an adaptive response of any organism. Throughout human history we have moved a lot. But the way that we have organized our societies in recent times and because of our geo-political history, this movement has become far more complex.

The term refugee has a political and sociological relevance, and does not have any legal binding for states with regard to environmental migration. The absence of a legal definition and mechanisms for resettlement of displaced populations brings about the phenomenon of ‘Statelessness’. The deprivation of nationality or a national identity due to climate migration is something I wish to further explore in my research.

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