P.Comp Final – Project Documentation


An exploration of smell and sound, our project encourages students of Indian classical music to practice singing by filling the room with a delicious smell when they hit the correct notes. “Smell is subjective, it’s ephemeral, and it’s not binary”. Our project explores people’s perception of sound by associating it with smells.



Construction of the Box
For each note pressed, the box begins to listen to the singer’s pitch. Based on how the singer performs, the box projects a scent.


The Scents
We used two distinct scents that are easily recognizable (or familiar) – so the user doesn’t spend time familiarizing himself with the smell. This way they can focus more on the experience. The first is a spicy, earthy scent ant the second, Lemon essential oil.

3 Scents

Project done in collaboration with Dhruv Damle & Jen Kagan

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