P.Comp Final – Testing Smells

Last week, we hacked into the air freshener based on the Scratch and Sniff TV mechanism – and decided to add our custom bottles and scents for it.

One of the key components of this project is how the user reacts to the smells – which is what we will be testing in tomorrow’s class.


Some months ago, I stumbled across Fragrance Shop New York in East Village where I met Lolita, the owner. I spent 45 minutes in an engaging conversation with her about the history of her shop, her occupation, the power of smells, what they can do, her travel stories and much more. I went back to her store again, this time to find 2 distinct scents for our project.

The task : to find two distinct scents that are easily recognizable (or familiar) – so the user doesn’t spend time familiarizing himself with the smell. This way they can focus more on the experience.

After an intense testing session – I zeroed down on 3 scents.
1. Pink Martini – a citrus smell with a mix of grapefruit, oranges and lemon
2. Woodstock – a spicy, earthy scent.
3. Lemon essential oil – a condensed lemon smell

3 Scents

To make these scents project more in the air, I bought a cologne base which is essentially an alcohol that is to be mixed with the scent in a 60:40 / 80:20 proportion.

Cologne Base

Next, we needed to get some spritzer bottles that would fit our scent dispenser framework. We found these at Muji.

Muji Bottle
In the Muji Store we also came across some Aroma Diffusers that were noteworthy. The interesting feature is that one can see the smell being dispensed (in the white foggy form). It can work as a good and subtle visual feedback.


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