P.Comp Final – Programming

The biggest technical challenge in this project has been learning and executing our project in MaxMSP. Many trial-and-errors and a long learning curve later, we finally got the pitch detection to work on Max.

I used the object ‘retune~’ with its ‘@pitchdetection’ attribute to get the frequency values. Once that was in place, I used if statements to limit the frequency detection to the acceptable frequency ranges of all the 8 notes. I then added ‘on(1)’ and ‘off(0)’ to each note range. Next step – serial communication between Arduino and Max. Max sends out these 0 & 1 values in the form of messages to Arduino based on which two leds (eventually smell dispensers) would blink.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.16.05 AM

After this iteration, the next step was to detect the selected note only. I added 8 separate gates for each note. These gates would allow one to switch on and off the process of pitch detection. Messages from Arduino (switching on a button) will travel through these gates and start the process. There is a two way communication : Buttons open gates (arduino to max) and pitch detection triggers the smells (max to arduino).

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.14.24 AM


Special thank yous to Justin, Jason, T.K, Gabe and Matt for all their help.

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