Observation: External Battery Indicator

Until a few years ago, the MackBook pro models came with a battery life indicator, a feature that Apple explicitly used as a selling point. It was a feature I used regularly but my interaction with it was purely intuitive, or it possibly became so after many years using the MacBook. It became a ritual (not as much a habit) for me to check the battery before opening the laptop. Sometimes I would check the battery, sometimes not.

Recently, as I reached out to check my battery on the new MacBook Pro, I was rather shocked to find that the feature did not exist anymore. My first reaction was – Apple made the decision only to reduce the size of their product.

Today, I realized I never shut down my computer. I hardly ever have it closed either. When I am not working, I am reading some articles or watching TV shows, all on the laptop. I observed that most people I know, do the same. Has the external battery indicator feature become redundant because we never stop using our laptops? Would the behavior change if the indicator is reintroduced and put on the top and not on the side?

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