ICM – Final Project Proposal


I often find myself getting lost in this exponentially expanding universe of unorganized information. At times there is so much to absorb that one begins to stray into a hypnotizing nothingness. Through my final project, I want to address a certain numbness that comes with this information overload – episodes in time where one just spaces out thinking about everything, yet nothing. A lot like how one is hypnotized by cloud watching.

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I envision a space where people lie down on the floor and look up at projections that emulate the movements and characteristics of clouds in the sky. The shapes and size of these ‘cloud-like-particles’ will be determined by the information drawn in by ‘an API’.

The users lie down on the floor and put their head inside a geodesic dome that creates a personal space for them. Inside this dome they will be able to see projections of these ‘cloud-like-particles’. This visual experience will be accompanied by sounds of wind and the occasional birds chirping.


I imagine the ‘cloud-like-particles’ to be 2D and 3D geometric forms floating across the viewers cone of vision. Presented here is a moodboard of what it would look like.


Points of Discussion:

1. What would be a relevant Dataset for this project? One that is constantly changing (preferably increasing, as the information around us does). Ex. Wikipedia? How do I track the increase in data within an API?

2. Is there an API for how much time people spend actively browsing information they actually intended to look for and at what point do they drift into random browsing?

3. How can I project the program inside a dome? Do I use a screen instead? Or multiple screens?

a. Building a dome

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