Materials Connexion

MC# 7081-02
Category: Naturals


A biodegradable material, this stretchy textile suits my soft engineering needs as I am interested in exploring sustainable wearables. I am interested in the automation of pleats and folds in fabrics. The fabric’s recovery and drape are crucial for this. This material features good recovery and drape, all-direction stretch and variable porosity based on material extension. The fabric’s softness offers an interesting texture that we are not used to in pleated garments – which would make the experience unexpected. The material’s porosity offers more control points in the fabric for movement, that would allow me to create folds in all directions.

This material is Flexible and Elastic. Though classified as a nonwoven textile, it feels like a rubber sheet.

Manufacturers/Distributors : unknown

Applications include apparel, accessories for hygiene, medical, and baby care.