Hyper Headphones

For our midterm project, we decided to design a sonic experience where the user controls objects within a given soundscape. This product allows for one to control the ‘pan’ and ‘volume’ with specific bodily gestures.

The user pans the sound when he moves his head from left to right, and increases and decreases the volumes as he moves his head from front to back.



The Concept : Currently in its prototype stage, this product is designed to foster a series of ‘audio puzzles’ – games that the users can play using only auditory cues. These audio puzzles augment reality in order for the user to have an immersive sonic experience.


A schematic of the final circuit designed.

Testing the circuit
Arduino Micro + Adafruit accelorometer + BlueFruit Bluetooth link


Design & Fabrication
Built over a pair of existing headphones, the device holds within it an accelerometer that detects the user’s head movement. The earpieces are made using tin and acrylic.



Project in collaboration with Dhruv Damle.

Week 4 : Analog In – Digital Out

For this project I used: Arduino Uno, A Servo Motor, A Potentiometer, Conductive Fabric, Thin Copper Wire, Hookup Wires, Breadboard and an LED.

This project is a prototype of a bigger project that I envisioned. The idea is to create a series of inputs, the outputs of which act as an input for the next sensor – a chain of inputs and outputs that work to light an LED. In the work presented, the circuit connects a potentiometer to the servo motor, controlling its rotation. As the motor touches the conductive fabric, the copper wire completes the LED circuit.

FullSizeRender 2

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Challenge: When building this circuit, I couldn’t get my servo motor to rotate synchronously with my potentiometer. The problem was with how I had connected my potentiometer to Power, Ground and Analog Input.